Welcome To Parler Tags!

American citizens who cherish their rights to FREE SPEECH on social media platforms are fed up with Twitter’s, Facebook’s, and other big tech’s censorship, and are switching to Parler where they can network peacefully without fear of having their accounts silenced, or suspended.

Parler Tags (not affiliated with Parler.com) steps in to provide a directory of unique hashtags spread across the Parler social media platform by it’s people (Parler does not have “users” – it has people). This directory is intended to bring out all of the various nuances of the Parler population in the content posted across the Parler community.

Here at Parler Tags, we provide direct links to content on Parler.com that is associated with hashtags people use to tag their content with. For example we use a keyword such as the color “blue” to search for all hashtags associated with that keyword. We then catalog all of those hashtags into our directory, sorted by the keyword. This allows us to provide access to a huge myriad of content on Parler.

Parler Tags was founded by David Thrift, and launched on Monday, November 23rd, 2020 @ 4:04 AM CST.

It’s primary mission is to provide listings of searchable hashtags with links at Parler.com for exploration, content discovery, and research purposes.

This website is currently under construction.

This website will soon start providing hashtag links to Parler.com content. Stay tuned.

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